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Metal detection coil Vistus RS: maximum metal detection with a minimal space requirement

Minebea Intec’s freefall metal detection system Vistus RS enables the reliable inspection of metallic foreign objects. The product’s low installation height means it can be easily integrated into existing systems and, when combined with the Vistus Terminal, offers a detection solution which guarantees product quality and effective production.

The purity of materials used as well as the product quality are playing an increasingly important role in the production process. How can the integration of a critical control point, such as metal detection, be ensured, when space is at a premium? With a coil height of less than 100 mm, the new round coil Vistus RS is so compact that is can be easily integrated into existing production systems. In industries such as plastics processing, food, chemicals and cosmetics, it makes an important contribution by preventing smallest metal particles from entering the falling product flow during the production process.

Metal detection coil Vistus RS: compact, reliable and tough

The versatility of our well-known Vistus series ensures that customers’ requirements are met under all circumstances. The compact round coil’s high detection sensitivity makes the freefall metal detection system ideal for use in quality assurance and ensures the product makes a valuable contribution towards statistical process control. During the falling product flow, the Vistus RS reliably detects free and enclosed foreign objects made from ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals such as steel, copper or brass and light alloys or stainless steels. The Vistus RS is suitable for use in various industries, such as the plastics processing industry, as well as the tyre, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries. The housing is made from stainless steel and offers protection against dust and moisture, as per IP 69.

Terminal Vistus E: intuitive control at an affordable price

To have all data available at a glance, we recommend using one of our Vistus terminals. There are various models available, offering the appropriate solution for any application: for example, the Vistus E is an efficient solution with a multitude of options and interfaces. We recommend using the Vistus T or the Vistus EI terminal for production systems that have specific requirements such as multiple search coils or particularly large distances. All models feature an impressive 5.7” touchscreen and a redesigned interface which is extremely intuitive and easy to use.

“With the Vistus RS, we are showing that we are responding to the growing quality requirements in non-food industries such as the plastic injection moulding industry with a suitable product. Electromobility, medical technology and others are already setting high standards to protect end customers. Despite maximum production speeds, high efficiency is required,” confirms Product Manager Dr Thorsten Vollborn. “With this inspection solution, we ensure maximum product quality with a minimal space requirement. This means that, in future, our products will play a vital role in application areas such as the plastics processing industry,” says Dr Vollborn, explaining the many benefits of the new product. At trade shows such as PPMA Total Show or FachPack, users are being given the opportunity to take a look at Minebea Intec’s innovative products for themselves.

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