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SPC@Enterprise and ProRecipe XT: new software versions from Minebea Intec offer more possibilities and ease of use

With version 4.0 of the powerful SPC@Enterprise software, Minebea Intec now offers a comprehensive and complete package with an increased ease of use. The software for statistical process control and pre-package inspection includes extended functions for dynamic checkweighers and metal detectors. At Conjunctively, the global provider of leading weighing and inspection technologies is launching a new version of its successful ProRecipe XT software.

In the field of dynamic, HACCP-compliant process control and classic fill quantity control, SPC@Enterprise is already a fixed part of the production network for many manufacturers, for example in the food and pharmaceutical industry. The modular software collects data from various devices and systems along the production line and efficiently supports the optimisation of production processes and product quality. The result for the manufacturers is less production waste, fewer risks, shorter downtimes and significant savings in working time and operating costs.

Maximum transparency in the production process

The new version 4.0 of the software from the global supplier of industrial weighing and inspection systems completes the scope, in particular with important functions in the field of dynamic check weighing and metal detection. Support for the Classification and Completeness Control options has thus been introduced, as has the Bi-directional connection of metal detectors. The new version 4.0 now additionally covers the scope of the former Minebea Intec software SPC@Inline, which was primarily limited to the networking of dynamic checkweighers.

For the user, SPC@Enterprise has thus become a universal and powerful tool that now uniquely combines the recording of manual random samples as well as automatic in-process controls. Users are thus approaching a decisive step towards complete recording and monitoring of all key figures relevant to the production process.

In addition, customers benefit from the new version 4.0 from a multitude of further optimisations. For example, the current device status including daily history can now be conveniently monitored "from the desk", and messages and alarms can be sent automatically by e-mail.

Quality is the best recipe

The proven ProRecipe XT recipe software also offers the user numerous advantages. In the networked system, materials, recipes and batches can be managed and production orders generated, which are then made available for processing at the connected weighing stations. With an optional connection to the customer's ERP system, this step can be automated - double data maintenance is no longer necessary.

At the station, ProRecipe XT guides the user safely and efficiently through the weighing process. The software displays all production-relevant information on an intuitive user interface - including the respective GHS symbols for added safety.  Optional scanning ensures additional testing of the materials and batches used. ProRecipe XT makes dosing errors and the use of incorrect, blocked or expired raw materials a thing of the past. Complete traceability including a practical search function based on batch number or order saves valuable time in an emergency and protects against excessive scrap quantities.

Version 3.5 now even better for automated processes

With the new version 3.5 of the recipe management software ProRecipe XT, different materials can be dosed even better automatically. Automated filling is another important step towards standardised, reproducible production processes and noticeably accelerates the dosing process. This expansion is based on the Maxxis 5 weighing controller and the established EasyFill module from Minebea Intec. Up to 32 dosing valves per scale can now be controlled. Manufacturers from the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries benefit most from this. For use in regulated environments, the new version of ProRecipe XT is also available as a validatable version.

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